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Due to some children returning to school, we are splitting English into 2 tasks. One to complete in school and the other to complete at home. If you are not returning to school, please just use the whole week to get both tasks completed.


Task 1 - In school

Non Chronological Reports

Flick through the powerpoint. What is a NCR? Can you remember any features? What style of writing is it?

Read the example... what can you see within it? What features have been used? Can you find them and highlight them?


You are going to create your own mini NCR about The Academy of Cuxton Schools

What sections could you have?

Here are some ideas:

  • History of the school
  • Teachers
  • Facilities
  • Clubs
  • Year 6
  • Values


Plan out your NCR, make sure you have at least 4 sections. Don't forget to use expanded, interesting sentences and great facts!!


Then, write out your NCR in neat. You can include bubble writing, pictures, sub headings, well written paragraphs, fact bubbles - whatever you want to make it really interesting!




Task 2 -To be completed at home

Interview a family member.

Think about someone in your family that you could interview, it could be someone you live with, someone you can see from a 2m distance or someone over Facetime. Try to find someone older than you as they can then tell you more about their life.

Plan out at least 10 questions you could ask them about their life, make the questions interesting so we can find out as much about that person as we don't know them!

Try to use open ended questioned rather than just yes/no questions.


Then once you have planned your interview, ask them the questions and record their answers.


You can then write this out using your play script knowledge so it is almost like a script for a mini television interview.


Examples of questions:

What is your first childhood memory?

What school did you go to? What was is like?

What was your first job? Can you remember anything about it?

Do you remember when I was born? When did you find out?


Maths Lesson 4 - simple 1 step equations


Topic - Weekly Task


Topic will now be a weekly task - for those who are attending school you may complete this with your teacher but those of you who are not returning, it is also something you can complete at some point over the week.


This Term's Topic theme is: Identity and Transition.

It is time to think about your time at Cuxton and your plans for secondary school.


Your first task is to create a comic book strip type document but rather than tell as story, in each box, we would like a memory of each year of primary school. Something you remember, loved or found funny from each year.

If you did not start Cuxton in EYFS - don't panic! You can give us memories from your old school OR just give us more memories from the years you were at Cuxton. We cannot wait to read your memories and see your amazing drawings!



Topic - Daily Task:

Spanish lesson - Food, drink and hobbies

Have a go if you have time!