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Tuesday 19th May

Good morning everyone. I am sure you will all have received a letter stating that Miss Robinson has unfortunately had to take some time off due to unforseen circumstances. We can assure you that it is not Covid-19 related and we wish her a speedy recovery. Mr Wheeler will be taking over her email responses related to home learning. Please send work to his address if you only send via email  and Mr Worsfold will be taking over the tapestry learning pages. Nothing else will change. Ash class will still receive reading certificates and effort certificates as normal on Fridays. It may take us slightly longer to respond to you as we adapt but please rest assured we will do everything we can to help you. If you have any queries not relating to the learning please direct them to Mr Worsfold at Thank you. 

A picture of Mr Wheeler can be found below. Maybe you have seen him around school

Morning routine  


How to beat nerves and calm yourself 


Or you could get yourself energised with a workout  By Joe Wicks Active8min workout 



Disco Ninjas 

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp and pl). You can use the flash cards provided (If you can't print them, use scrap paper and write them on).

2. Use the phase 4 polysyllabic words powerpoint below to practise reading longer words. To make it easier to read, chop the word in half with your hand and read it in chunks. e.g. 

rocket - rock  et     or chimpanzee- chim  pan  zee. 

3. Complete the worksheet. Can you try to write the words to go with the pictures? 



Funky Monkeys

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp and pl). You can use the flash cards provided (If you can't print them, use scrap paper and write them on).

2. Use set 1-7 sounds to recap phase 3 words. Can you read the sentences and answer yes/no. Try to read the sounds in your head (silently) and then say the whole word out loud. 

3. Complete the worksheet- Look at the picture and write the words to match. 



1.Oral blending practice. Action words. say the words in sounds. Can the chd. do the action. h-o-p, s-k-i-p, c-r-aw-l, j-u-m-p touch something r-e-d, g-r-ee-n, a ch-air, t-e-dd-y, n-o-se, l-i-p, kn-ee-s, t-oe-s, s-l-ee-p, r-u-n on the spot. etc. 

2.  phonics lesson recapping the 'ai' sound. watch up to 15mins you can do the writing afterwards if you want to. 

3. Play the superstars 'ai' roll and read game. 




Re-read story of Jack and the beanstalk.   Mrs Jones Jack and the Beanstalk story. 


Talk about what happened. Can chd. tell you what happened in the story from beginning to end, talking about the main points eg. Jack sold his cow for magic beans, he grew a beanstalk, climbed up and met a giant and stole harp/ eggs/ the giant, chased Jack and he chopped the beanstalk down, the family were rich and lived happily ever after. Can they retell the story in order?  


Use the worksheet below to sequence the story. 

Challenge: Can you write some sentences about what happens in the story. Some of you may even want to write the story in a little booklet. Fold 2 or 3 bits of paper in half and staple into a booklet. 






Starter: Which shapes roll? Make a ramp and test shapes around your house and put them in piles. Roll/don’t roll.  Why do you think they roll? Talk about their properties edges, round/flat faces, vertices (corners). 


Story maths. Read the questions (on the worksheet) from the Jack and the Beanstalk story for the child and use objects on tens frames (like yesterday) to answer them. 

Ext: Can you write the number sentences yourself? 




Choose your challenge sheet; normal or maths magician level

Story time 


A lovely story about someone else who has grown a beanstalk. This story is called Jasper's beanstalk