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Good morning, everyone!

Well done on your first day of home learning. I hope you’re all well and managing okay.

These are your jobs for today.



Just like yesterday, at 9 o’clock, Joe Wicks will be on YouTube to do PE with us.

Click this link on YouTube:



Today, you’re looking at nouns.

First, read the start of the sheet. Next, choose a or an to fill the gaps correctly.

Finally, rewrite the sentences in the boxes with the correct capital letters.

Just incase the document doesn’t open


Use the virtual zoo (Edinburgh Zoo) to watch some of the animals.


Which animals did you see? What were they doing? Could any of these be in your zoo?


Create a mind map of animals/attraction for your own zoo or world.

For example:

Then use the plan template to plan your leaflet.

  • What will need to be included on the front cover?
  • What information will you include in your leaflet? (Eg prices)
  • Can you include some fun facts? These could be about different animals
  • What makes your zoo different? (Why should people attend your zoo instead of Wingham?)


Give yourself 20 minutes to rest or do something fun. You’ve earned it!



Today, we’re multiplying by 3, 4 and 8.

Just like yesterday, there are three different jobs to choose from: Job 1 (Medium), Job 2 (Challenging) and Job 3 (Extremely Challenging).

Choose whichever one you like and give it a go. If you want to, you can do more than one.

If you get stuck or don’t know what to do, take a look at the PowerPoint.


Take an hour to have some lunch and give yourself a break.



Spend 20 minutes or so reading a book.




Today’s topic subject is Spanish and we’ll be looking at Spanish greetings.

Read the first box, then type your answers into the boxes to complete the sheet.

Assembly (sort of!)

Story time with Michael Rosen:


Well done again everyone. You’re doing really well.

Stay safe and take care.


Miss Hodder