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Tuesday 2nd June

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It’s that time of year again! Cuxton’s Got Talent is back for it’s 4th year! We will be doing things slightly differently this year so time to let your imagination run wild. I am looking for video clips of performances - this can be a socially distanced collaboration or an individual entry. Please ask parents about this as all images will need to be shared publically so make sure you have their permission. Are you a budding artist? Have you created something fabulous you would like to share or maybe written a poem during this time? Whatever your talent is I would love to see it and hopefully share with the rest of the school. 

Can you send your entries to me at my school email: by 19th June.  Don’t forget to include your name class and brief description.


We hope you have all settled back into a routine well and are ready for the new term. It's so lovely to see children learning both at home and at school. Whatever decision you have made, it will be the right one for you, your child and your family and we will continue to support both at home and in school learning. The sun is shining so let's make the most of it! Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help. 


EYFS team


If you need anything here is my e-mail: 


Morning routine


Go outside and make assault course out of chalk on playground e.g.  or use your toys in your garden. 

Jump spots, zigzag lines, follow concentric circles, star jumps, balance line, etc.   

OR complete a PE with Joe wicks, or cosmic yoga or dance video .




1.Boom shake the alphabet song 

2. Sound flash cards-(Go through all the sounds taught) see additional resources folder next to our amazing work If you need to print out flash cards.  How quick can you go? revisit ones children are unsure of. 

3.  At home- revise all set 2 sounds. 

At school- phase 2 flash words (see worksheet phase 2 flash words).  Point to the right word- T puts 3 words up and says 1 word- can they point to the right word. repeat. 

4. Recap long 00 sound- boot, moon, stoop, loop, boo, shoo. Can they think of anymore words with an 00 in? 

watch  for OO sound recap. 

5. Read, cut and stick words into real and fake word columns (See worksheet) 



Disco Monkeys  (Disco ninjas and Funky Monkeys put together)

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp and pl). You can use the flash cards provided in additional resources folder next to our amazing work folder. (If you can't print them, use scrap paper and write them on).

2. Read flash words (write on paper or on a board for chd. to read):  from grip green flair clear speech stop glad fresh trail train smear, stand crust crunch driftwood crisp drench twisting (Split class into 2 groups which group are the better readers? Say the words clearer?

3. Learn new blends  bl, fl, gl    bleed, blink, black, blunt, flower, flush, flip, flat, glad, glug, glum, gloomy, glint

write on board and read together. 

3. Cut and stick real and fake words in the right place (See Disco Monkeys worksheet) 


LI: To use adjectives  


Go on a zoo hunt (Outside or in the house). Put pictures of the animals to find- can you describe the animals as you find them.  (Resource: Zoo hunt pictures ) Or find stuffed animals you have at home and hide them. 

Could take whiteboards with them and write effective adjectives down. Go back to classroom. 



If you could have any animal pet you wanted what would it be?  

Model drawing an animal from the book and writing about it on board (Show children how to use sounds to write words and sentences. Use words you have collected from your zoo hunt). 



Draw your favourite pet animal and label it. Use describing words (adjectives). 

Challenge: Use sentences, finger spaces and full stops and capital letters 


Could you ask your child what type of animals they would like to learn about next week (suggestions- sea animals, safari animal, antarctic animals, etc) and let us know. This will inform our planning for next week. 




Counting in 10s 

Can you order the tens numbers to count in tens up to 100. (see tens flash cards).  

Jump and clap as you say the numbers. How quickly can you do it?


Animal patterns 

Look at animal patterns in zoo animals powerpoint Can you guess the animal?  

What other animals do you know have a pattern on them? Why do animals have a pattern on them?  

Cows, deer, zebra, tiger, leopard, hyena, giraffe, shark, fish, wasps, frogs, caterpillars, butterflies. Etc.  


Model making a jazzy animal pattern. Use 2 and 3 colour patterns.  


Draw animal and make a repeating pattern. on it Make up your own silly animal pattern?  

CH: can you use 3 colours to make a pattern? 

Story time