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Good morning, Cherry!


Well done for getting Week 2 off to such a good start.

Here is an example of some great work from yesterday!

Here are your jobs for today:




Joe Wicks is back on YouTube at 9 o’clock:




Change the text in the speech bubbles into full sentences, using your speech marks (inverted commas).



Today, you’re creating three characters for your story:


  • Your main character;
  • A friend for your main character;
  • A villain.


Describe your three characters. Try to use some powerful adjectives and similes.




Give yourself 20 minutes to have a break.




We’re doing more partitioning today, then moving on to dividing 2 digit numbers by multiples of 10. See if you can spot the pattern!


If you finish, there’s an extension to have a go at, too!



Lunch time! Have an hour to eat and do something fun.




Today’s topic subject is RE and we’ll be looking at the Easter story.


Today’s job is to retell the Easter story. You can do it however you want to:


You could:


  • Type it on the computer;
  • Draw pictures to show the story;
  • Act out the story with toys and take pictures.


It’s entirely up to you!




Story time with Michael Rosen:


Well done, Cherry Class! Keep up the good work!


Miss Hodder