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Angles in a triangle lesson today!

Click the link below and attempt the worksheet questions.


Remember: All angles in a triangle = 180 degrees.

There are 4 types of triangles: right angled, equilateral, isosceles and scalene.


Over the course of the week, observe and study an animal of your choice using one of the following websites:


Every day, you should check in on the webcams and make observation notes on what you see (remember to check regularly as some animals won’t appear on camera at all times).


During the week, you should also complete some (or all) of the following:

  • Research and create a fact file/non-chronological report about your chosen species of animal.
  • Write a descriptive piece, imagining what it would be like to encounter your animal in the wild.
  • Create a piece of artwork inspired by your animal (you may like to use the website to help you).
  • Create a food web that includes your chosen animal.
  • Design (and create a model of) a new enclosure for your chosen animal, explaining your design choices.

Something extra

Click the link below and have a go at today's lesson on Geography.


We haven't looked at settlements yet and it uses great comparison skills, plus a nice video to watch!!