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Good morning, Cherry Class!

Well done on your first day back. You’re all doing really well.

Here’s today’s learning:



Joe Wicks:



Consider what you did yesterday. You looked at different recipes and instructions.  

  • What are instructions? 
  • Are they the same as recipes?  
  • Think about the features that you found: 
    • Chronological order – numbered steps
    • Ingredients list
    • Equipment list; 
    • Imperative verbs (bossy words – mix, cut, whisk); 
    • Time conjunctions (then, next, first); 
    • Title; 
    • Timing. 



Your job today is to look at the following recipe and put it into a logical order.  

Think about what a recipes should start with: 

  • Does it need a title? 
  • How will you know what you need?


(Note for parents: Tomorrow’s lesson involves creating a sweet treat - s’mores and hot chocolate. Feel free to create any other sweet treat of your choice using a recipe.)


Give yourself 20 minutes to take a break.



Today, we’re carrying on with fractions. You revised unit and non-unit fractions and did really well, so it’s time to move further forwards.


Click the link:


Look at the third tab: Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th April)


Watch the video for Lesson 1. The people who run the website worked on it yesterday so said that if you had problems with it, it should be working today.


Next, open up the task sheet and have a go at answering the questions.


You can either print it out and write your answers on the sheet, or you can open it up and type your answers in the answer boxes.


If any of the questions are too tricky, you can skip them or come back to them later.

If you finish, here's an extension. It's optional, so you don't have to do it if you don't want to. But if you fancy an extra challenge, go for it!


It’s lunch time so take an hour to have some lunch and have a break.



Read a text of your choice for 20 minutes. It can be a book, newspaper, magazine…anything you like!



Today, we’re looking at how we use information on online and why we need to be careful.


Start by choosing one of these search engines:





Try typing your name into the search engine. What do you find? Are you surprised?


Answer Question 1 on the sheet.


Next, take a look at the video:


Answer Question 2 on the sheet.


After that, take a look at the next video:


Answer Question 3 on the sheet.


Story time with Michael Rosen:


Well done today, Cherry Class. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve done.


See you all back here tomorrow!


Miss Hodder