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Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May)


Lesson 2 - Compare and order fractions



English Weekly Task - Song writing


English BBC Bitesize activity

Please complete what you can in 45 minutes


Tuesday 5th May - To use personification effectively in  setting description




This week we will continue our study of World War II. Try to complete all of, or as many as you can of, the following activities:

  • Read the fact sheet on the Battle of Britain and complete the quiz (ppt version or written). While you’re at it, why not challenge your family to take the quiz and see how much they know.
  • Using the Spitfire template, or a design of your own, create a paper aeroplane. Test your plane to see how far it files. Then, make small adaptations to your plane to try to increase the distance it travels. You might like to try: adding weight, changing the material of the plane, trying to make your plane more streamlined or anything else you can think of. Let us know what works best.
  • Study the PowerPoint on D-Day. Imagine you are a solider about to land on one of the beaches. Write a brief recount of your experience. This could be done as a story, letter diary or any other way you choose.
  • Read the PowerPoint on Unsung War Heroes. Who is your hero? Design a medal that you would award them and send us an explanation of why they deserve it.
  • VE Day, 75th anniversary, 8th May 2020 – Study the ppts on VE Day. Then, find a way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Wave a union Jack flag, sing or dance, play games, bake a cake or anything else you can think of. Send us photos of how you choose to celebrate and have a fantastic bank holiday weekend! (Photographs can be sent next week if celebrations take place over the bank holiday weekend)

Something extra:


Design an alternative book cover for your favourite book! You can do this in any way you wish - even take a photograph of yourself in character :)