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Maths video Lesson 2


This week, we shall complete our study of WW2, focusing on the importance of rationing and the use of propaganda. Have a go at as many of the following activities as you can, throughout the week.

  • Read the rationing PowerPoint. Design an information leaflet explaining why rationing was introduced and how the rationing process worked.
  • Complete the rationing comprehension activity. If you are confident with comprehension, try the 3 star difficulty; if you are less confident with comprehension, try the 1 star difficulty.
  • Have a look at the wartime recipe booklet. If you have the ingredients, have a go at creating one of the recipes. Write a review of your meal and let us know how it compares to modern day food. If you don’t have the right ingredients, why not have a go at designing your own rationed recipe for a meal or dessert – refer back to the rationing PowerPoint for a reminder on the foods that would have been available.
  • Use the Design Your Own Propaganda PowerPoint to create your own war time propaganda poster. Have a look at the other examples if you need more inspiration.
  • Have a go at creating a modern day propaganda poster. It could be aimed at keeping people safe during the current pandemic or another relevant topic you can think of.

Something extra


Create a water game for you and your family to compete in. It could be throwing something into a bucket, it could mean tipping water over your head, a water gun game! Anything that keeps you cool and allows you to have fun!