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Good morning, Cherry Class!


I hope that your first day of the week went well. Here are your jobs for today.



Today, you’re doing to need to time yourself.

First of all, warm yourself up by:

  • Stretching your arms;
  • Stretching your legs;
  • Rolling your shoulders forwards;
  • Rolling your shoulders backwards.


See how many of these exercises you can do in one minute:

  • Star jumps;
  • Push ups;
  • Pikachus;
  • Spider-Man lunges.


Remember to give yourself a 30-60 second rest between each exercise.



These words are your spelling words but they’ve been jumbled up. Have a go at unscrambling them.


Today, we’re looking at speech in play scripts.


Take a look at this PowerPoint, which shows you how to change speech from a story into speech in a script:

Now have a go at this task, where you need to change script from a story into script from a play:

After that, take a look at the Gangsta Granny extract. Then, open the other sheet and change the speech from the Gangsta Granny extract into speech from a play (I’ve done the first one for you to show how it looks):


Have a 20 minute break.



Today, we’re starting our unit on shape.


Click the link:


Summer Term – Week 9 (w/c 22 June)


Lesson 2 – Comparing angles.


Watch the video.


Next, open up this task sheet and have a go at answering the questions.


You can either print it out and write your answers on the sheet, or you can open it up and type your answers in the answer boxes.


If any of the questions are too tricky, you can skip them or come back to them later.


Have some lunch and have a break for an hour.



Take half an hour to do some reading.



Today, we’re looking at food groups.


Take a look at this video:


After you’ve watched the video, fill in the boxes with three examples from each food group.


If you finish early and need another task, have a go at writing three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which will – altogether – include all of the food groups.


News Bites:


Another job well done, everyone! Have a great evening!


Miss Hodder