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Task 1 at home

Create a new leaflet advertising the re opening of a zoo!

As you may be aware, or seen on the news, Zoos have been allowed to reopen since last week due to the lift of lockdown restrictions.

They still have to follow social distancing rules:

  • Online booking to reduce numbers each day
  • Takeaway food only, no cafes open
  • 2m distancing between families
  • No indoor pet houses to be open
  • Extra hand washing stations


We would like you to create a new leaflet advertising a zoo with the good news of re-opening, what is available and how they are staying safe.


You can use a real Zoo or create your own imaginary one, these websites may help:


Task 2 in school

Write an advertisement for the secondary school or are going to/wanting to go to.


Children in Year 5 will not be able to view the schools like you all did and this could really help them with choosing what school they want to go to in the future. Think about what attracted you to that school. what facilities do they have? What is the uniform like? Are there after school clubs?




Create an advertisement persuading children and parents to come to Cuxton! What do we have that will attract children to join Cuxton? What do you love about the school? what facilities do we have? What is our uniform like? After school clubs? Why should parents send their children here?


Remember it needs to be exciting! Persuasive!


Day 1 - plan your advertisement. What is going to be in your introduction? What are you writing about? Paragraph 1? Paragraph 2? Paragraph 3? Paragraph 4? Overall conclusion?


Day 2 - Write your advertisement out in full


Persuasive writing at home task help:


Maths Lesson 2 - Area of a triangle


Weekly Topic

This week, we will begin to look into the transition to secondary school. We’d like you to have a look at your new school on google maps. Can you work out your new travel route to secondary school? Can you use your road safety knowledge to locate safe places to cross roads? If you will be cycling, can you use your bike ability knowledge to ensure you stay safe?

Have a go at annotating and drawing over a screenshot. Or write a written list of directions that will be needed to travel to your new school. If you are still waiting to find out your secondary school, complete this activity using the school you are hoping to go to.


Daily Topic

Geography lesson - Florida