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Spelling Update for Parents

At the Academy of Cuxton Schools we are implementing the Spelling Wasp 🐝 (our version of a Spelling Bee). We are hoping that this will enthuse our children to learn their year group words from the National Curriculum word list and help us to monitor progress.

The last week of spellings in each term will focus on those word lists for your child's year group, all of which can be found in above (and on your child's class pages).

The children with the highest spelling test score will be put forward for a verbal spelling test, and again all words will be taken from their year group word list. The children will be given (in turn) a word to spell until an overall champ has been identified. 
Please remind children that they can get a head start on this termly challenge as all their year group words are on their class pages 😊
We will be celebrating the year group winners by awarding them a certificate and displaying their names on the school website, and we will also have special mentions for the children who have really shown an effort to improve.