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W/C 04.05.20

Ash Class

Ash Class 1 A beautifully written spider fact by P.
Ash Class 2 G writing a new phase 4 word & a drawing to match.
Ash Class 3 M designed a lovely dragonfly poster!
Ash Class 4 C using phoneme frames for new words.
Ash Class 5 A has been busy planting seeds at home.
Ash Class 6 A fantastic yes/no question by R.
Ash Class 7 R has made a great spider using playdough.
Ash Class 8 P has been busy making a lovely minibeast house.
Ash Class 9 A wonderful caterpillar home made by S.
Ash Class 10 L has created a beautiful bug house.

Oak Class

Oak Class 1 Isla made all of Oak class a lovely card!
Oak Class 2 Spelling chains by M, so clever!
Oak Class 3 O dinosaur in the garden.
Oak Class 4 Great halving by R using his cars.
Oak Class 5 Super neat writing by E!
Oak Class 6 A lovely piece of writing from N
Oak Class 7 Great phonics skills by Q
Oak Class 8 Lovely binoculars by S to look for minibeasts
Oak Class 9 H showing off his number skill!
Oak Class 10 A great rainbow bug by L
Oak Class 11 M found a slow worm. Can you see the tongue?
Oak Class 12 W cinnabar moth collage.
Oak Class 13 Superb butterfly by J.
Oak Class 14 What insect would live in this creation by J
Oak Class 15 Fantastic Base Beast by O
Oak Class 16 Another fantastic minibeast called Pink from S