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Wednesday 10th June

Morning Routine


You could have a relaxing session helping to calm you down or get your heart beating fast and helping you get stronger. You decide...


Zen den calming activities for mindfulness




1. Practise flash cards of sounds we have learnt already. revisit the ones your child finds tricky. 

2.   play phase 3 game to revise sounds and words. 

3.  Revising ai, ee, igh and oa sounds Use worksheet and cut up pictures and words. Can you match the pictures and the words. If you can't print it out you could write the words out and draw a picture for each one. You could then use these to play the game. 


Disco Monkeys

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp, pl, bl, fl, gr, gl, fr, br, cr, pl, cl, sl, sp, st, tw). 

2. Use worksheet below: Missing sound- Can you write a sound in the space in each word to make a word. (They should be real words). 

m....t, ch..n, p...nt,  m....n, t...n, s....p, n....t, l.....t, c....n, s......,  c......, lett...., bett....  

3. Use powerpoint to read the phase 3 polysyllabic words. How many can you read? Try again and try to beat your score. 





Think of a sea creature you don’t know much about that you would like to learn more about. Look it up online or in books to find out more information. (If you had your heart set on another creature that isn't from the sea that's okay. You could do it about hyenas or elephants if you wish). 


If you have a non-fiction book you could talk about the contents page and how to find information. How each page has a subheading and images/photos of the subject. How is it different to a story? It gives you facts and information. 


You could set out an information page like this...

My animal is …

It looks like…

It lives ….

It likes to eat…

Amazing fact…


Or draw/paint/create a model of your animal and write 1 amazing fact. You decide how far you want to take it. There is an information page template below if you would like to use that. 






Put a random amount of toys under a blanket up to 30. Children get to look and then put the blanket back down. Estimate and count objects. Rpt. Could write their estimates on whiteboards to practise number writing. (If they were within 4 they get a point, if they weren't you get a point). 


Put 2D and 3D shapes in a pile on the floor.  Can they recognise all of the shapes? Children have 5 seconds to find a shape that's... 2D/3D, round, got square faces, has only 1 vertices, has 4 sides, has 3 vertices, has circle faces (A face is the 2D shape found on 3D objects). Can roll, can't roll, has triangle and square faces, sides are all the same length, has 12 edges. 


Sort shapes into 2D and 3D.

Model on carpet/outside in hula hoops. Talk about why they are 2D or 3D.

Story time


Open very carefully. read by Mr Worsfold.