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You have been set a subject/verb agreement activity on Please e-mail the office if you do not have your log-in details, they will get back to you as soon as they can. 

1) Revise subject/verb agreement using the power point (or PDF if you cannot access it) 

2) Complete the activity on 




Please complete these questions about missing numbers


Topic 23rd-28th March 

Over the course of the week we would like you to research Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition on-board The Discovery.  

You could use these websites to help you: 


Once you have completed your research have a go at some of the following activities over the rest of the week: 

  • Create a map detailing the journey The Discovery took, including as much key information as you can. 

  • Create a PowerPoint, non- chronological report or poster to present your research. 

  • Write a diary entry in the role of Shackleton or a member of his crew, detailing what life was like on the journey. 

  • Create a biography or fact file about the life and achievements of Shackleton.  

Something extra - why not help someone in your family with some cooking today and let me know what you made and how you made it! You can simply send me a picture of your masterpiece or write a set of instructions once you've learnt how to do it.