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Wednesday 20th May

Just in case you missed the message yesterday morning (as it went on later than 9am) I will add it today for you. Miss Robinson has unfortunately had to take some time off due to unforseen circumstances. We can assure you that it is not Covid-19 related and we wish her a speedy recovery. Mr Wheeler will be taking over her email responses related to home learning. Please send work to his address if you only send via email  and Mr Worsfold will be taking over the tapestry learning pages. Nothing else will change. Ash class will still receive reading certificates and effort certificates as normal on Fridays. It may take us slightly longer to respond to you as we adapt but please rest assured we will do everything we can to help you. If you have any queries not relating to the learning please direct them to Mr Worsfold at Thank you

A picture of Mr Wheeler is below. Maybe you have seen him around school?

Morning Routine 


PE for kids with Joe  


Or you could run the red carpet to get your heart racing.  



Disco Ninjas 

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp and pl). You can use the flash cards provided (If you can't print them, use scrap paper and write them on).

2. Use the phase 3 and 4 polysyllabic words powerpoint 2 below to practise reading longer words. To make it easier to read, chop the word in half with your hand and read it in chunks. e.g. 

rocket - rock  et     or chimpanzee- chim  pan  zee. 

3. Write some silly sentences with the words given on the powerpoint.  



Funky Monkeys

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp and pl). You can use the flash cards provided (If you can't print them, use scrap paper and write them on).

2. Recap phase 3 words by playing snap with the cards below. When the word is the same, you need to read out the word to get a point. 

3. Complete the worksheet below to read and write new words with the blends lk, xt, pt,   sulk, milk,  silk, whelk, next,  text, adapt, crept, sculpt, swept. Choose 3 words, write them and draw pictures to show what the word means. 



1. Recap phase 2 and 3 sounds already taught. Set a time and then see if you can beat it. 

2. Oral blending practice. Action words. say the words in sounds. Can the chd. do the action. h-o-p, s-k-i-p, c-r-aw-l, j-u-m-p touch something r-e-d, g-r-ee-n, a ch-air, t-e-dd-y, n-o-se, l-i-p, kn-ee-s, t-oe-s, s-l-ee-p, r-u-n on the spot. etc. 

3.  The 'ee' sound. How many words can you think of with the ee sound? 

4.  Play the board game below with the ai and ee sounds. If you cant print it, make up a game by drawing boxes on a piece of paper and write words with ai and ee sounds in them. 



Write a diary about your plant. Draw a picture and write what has happened. Record it once each week to see how quickly it grows. You could measure it to add a bit of maths learning in.  




Design your own beanstalk. You could draw it, paint it,  make it out of junk modelling, lego, playdough, 3D shapes , make a camp in your bedroom and climb up the stairs as a make shift beanstalk. W made a great beanstalk out of kitchen roll tubes! You can see it in the amazing work folder. 

Where would it take you?  

Draw a picture of it and write what would happen if you went up your beanstalk.  



Starter: Count on (adding) and back (taking away) different numbers within 20. How fast can you count. Eg. Down from 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 0 repeat for  9, 13, 18.  

e.g. up from 4, 8, 12, 17 


Subtraction using a numberline   

Please decide if your child needs more practise using objects to take away. If they are not confident with subtraction using objects, then please continue to practise using objects. If they are confident, then move onto this lesson and use a numberline. Print off or make a numberline to play along with the video. repeat with other questions e.g. 6 - 2 =, 8 - 5 = , 10 - 5=, if confident challenge children to calculate within 20 e.g. 14 -6, 12- 6, 18 - 7, 20 - 12 etc. 


Extra challenge: Can you add using a numberline too? 

Story time


Are you ready for a lovely story read by... You'll have to click on the link and see.