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Good morning guys!

I have been very impressed with the work you have been sending me so far, including pictures of how you are keeping yourselves entertained! Keep up the good work Olives!

Riddle of the day : What is more useful when it is broken? (Answer tomorrow)


Today please could you do your usual non negotiables and the Maths and English below.. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Keep smiling!heartMrs C x x 



Please pick ONE of the testbase arithmetic papers below to complete. The answers are at the end so don't peek until after!cheeky

Test 5 is more challenging than 4, so pick the one which suits you best. Don't worry if you make some mistakes, you can only do your best. If you have anyone at home, maybe they can help you find out where you went wrong. Good luck!


English - Wednesday 25.03.2020


Bellow, you will find 3 different activities that you can do today. Please choose ONE that you like, read the instructions carefully and have fun.

To help you with your writing I have attached some word mats (fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, conjunctions), use them confidently to make your story/description amazing.

Topic - History, Geography, Computing - 23.03.2020 - 27.03.2020


Over the course of this week, I would like you to research information about Cuxton.


You can use these links and documents below to help you.,0.45293310,15/pin


Once you have completed your research, have a go at some of the following activities over the rest of the week.


  • Create a sketch of Cuxton, make is as detailed as possible
  • Create a timeline of Cuxton to show how the village changed over time.
  • Create a PowerPoint or poster where you present your research
  • Write a description of how you think Cuxton will look in the future. You can add a drawing to show your ideas. Be as creative as possible.