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Good morning my lovely Olives!


We are half way through the week!


Martin has been doing some art work during lockdown and he wanted me to share this with you. He used spray paint on some wooden sheeting. Isn't it fantastic?!

I would love to hear about anything new you have been trying or learning, that you couldn't do before lockdown. I'd be happy to post any pictures you have!


Have a great day and keep smiling!

Love Mrs C x x laughheart




Spelling practice - Choose 10 words/week from the Year 5 - 6 list below - practice, learn and test yourself at the end of every week.

Maths - Wednesday 08.07.2020

Today you will be looking at Lesson 3 on White Rose - Reflection.

Please log on to to watch the teaching video, before completing the worksheet below. Check your answers after, to see how you have done! laugh


English - Wednesday 08.07.2020



Today you will be using the planning sheet to write your persuasive letter to the council.

Pay attention to the correct structure of the letter, its features, and conventions as well as the language features that need to be used.


Make sure you use Monday's example to guide you in today's task, as well as the word mat and the checklist to help you write your ideas.


Extra Maths Challenge - Not compulsory


If you want to challenge yourself, click on the link below, find today's date and click on the challenge you think suits you.

This is not part of your daily home learning unless you want to challenge yourself. Do not feel that you need to do it, this is entirely optional. I hope you find it interesting.

Topic 06-07-2020


Wildlife Photography


This week we would like you to get your IPADs, phones or cameras at the ready!

We would like you to take some photographs of some 'Wildlife' that you can see around you. If you have a garden, that is the perfect place to find some wild animals, but if you don't, we are sure that you will be able to achieve this on one of your walks or bike rides. If you are attending school, you may even be able to do this on your way there!


Some of you may be wondering about what sort of wildlife you may spot around our local area, but remember, wildlife doesn't have to be larger species. British wild animals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

For example, you may spot some ladybirds, earthworms, birds, snails, squirrels, insects, earwigs, butterflies, spiders, woodlice. The sky is the limit! laugh



Below are some websites you could visit to give you some inspiration! Some creatures that you can find in our local area are actually endangered species such as the 'stag beetle'. 


We would like you to take as many photographs as you can, but send us your 1 favourite which we will try and show on our class pages throughout the week. If you do not have a phone, IPAD etc. of your own, maybe your parents or siblings could lend you one, but PLEASE ASK THEIR PERMISSION FIRST! If you really do not have access to anything that you could use to take photographs, you could alternatively create a poster or power point of a chosen animal that you have spotted.


We hope you enjoy having fun with this!laugh