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Good morning, Cherry Class!


I hope you’re all keeping well!


Here are your jobs for today:




Joe Wicks’ PE at 9 o’clock:




This week so far you have made a setting for your story and come up with some characters.  


Now you need to come up with a plot. What is going to happen in the story?

You can choose how you are going to do this.  


You may want to use one of the templates given or you could do this in a more creative way. We know lots of you enjoyed making the Easter Story yesterday with toys. You could create your story map in this way.  


So, to recap, you need to create a plan/story map for the story that you have created a setting and characters for.  


Use one of the given templates or use toys to create this.  




Give yourself 20 minutes to have a break.




Today, we’re looking at dividing larger 2-digit numbers by using partitioning.


This is a video to show you how you can do it:


This is the Place Value Counters page I talked about in the video:

Here are today’s jobs:

If you get stuck or need some extra help, here’s a PowerPoint to help you.



Lunch time! Have an hour to eat and do something fun.


Time Capsule Activity:


Use this afternoon to think about this year so far. It has been very strange hasn’t it? 


With the people in your household, begin to collect some things to go into a time capsule. We are living in a time that children in the future will learn about in their History lessons.  


What could you put into a time capsule that would be nice to find in the future? 


You might like to include things like: 

  • photos of your family  
  • a letter to the finders of the capsule, whether you plan for it to be YOU or someone else  
  • a list of your favourite local spots  
  • a list of prices of things like petrol, milk, college, etc 
  • a local + a national newspaper  
  • a magazine or two  
  • a piece of technology that will soon be dated – like a remote control, mobile phone or garage door opener.  
  • family time capsule questionnaire – ie, ask everyone in the family what they think the future will be like in 5, 10, 50 years.





News Bites:


Well done again, Cherry Class! Keep up the great work!

The moment you have been waiting for!!


The Unillama has a name!!


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