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Good morning team! 🤩 I hope you are all well! I have had some messages to let me know some of the Spell Zone Activities are a little tricky. So I have added links to the game section for each different part of the spelling course you’ve been working on this week. Have sone fun with the spellings today, I hope you have fun playing them!


Please find your work below. Don’t forget to check out the active links - Cosmic Kids, Just Dance and PE with Joe Wicks to keep your body moving! 🧘🏻‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️⛹🏻


Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your work, don’t get frazzled with it. 


Keep smiling! 😘 x



Daily Jobs

1. Spell Zone - log into your Spell Zone account and check out the task I have set you. Please work your way through the task throughout the week, completing the activities and games as you go. There is too much to do in one day - so do as much as you can each day. There are links to different games below. Have a read of the description to find out what the games are based on! 🤩

2. Visit Numbots to improve your mental arithmetic skills. If you fancy going on TT Rock Stars you can! Your log in is the same!

3. READ! A book, comic, recipe, eBook, audio book - anything!



We are using White Rose Maths this week for maths. The link you need is below as well as the pages that need to be completed today.  We are working on Week 2 as shown in the picture below. Please do not complete any more of the maths work set out on the page because we will be completing it over the rest of this week and other weeks moving forward ☺️. If you have finished your daily maths and would like to do more, visit the external links page on our home learning page! BBC Bitesize also has some brilliant home learning! ☺️



Think about the characters of Betty and Sid and fill in the character boxes. You can record your notes in bullet points or you could jot down key words and phrases but be as creative as you can. Tomorrow, you will need to write a character description!


Think about using expanded noun phrases and similes. Could you use a synonym to replace a less exciting word e.g. blue could be up-levelled to sapphire, azure, navy, cobalt.