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BBC Bitesize activity - Using bullet points (Spend 45 minutes on this activity, completing whatever you can)



A problem solving lesson today! Give it a go!


This week, we will begin to look into the Second World War (WW2). Try to complete as many of the tasks below as you are able. There are powerpoints to help you but you should also try to complete some of your own research.



Create a fact file of 2 or more of the World Leaders responsible during WW2.

Produce a timeline of as many key events of WW2 as you can.

Complete a world map, showing the countries involved in WW2. Try to colour code it so show the Allies, Axis and neutral countries. You may even wish to label the location of some of the key events.

Use the reasons WW2 started to write a persuasive letter to Neville Chamberlain, explaining why he should go to war with Germany.

Something extra


Help bake or cook something for your family. Let us know what you made, how it tasted and send us a picture if you can.