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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning my darlings, how are you today? Wasn’t it warm yesterday? It’s meant to be just as warm today so please make sure you spend lots of time outside having fun today! (Make sure you put on plenty of sun cream and you wear a hat!) I am planning on going on a lovely walk later too after I have replied to yesterday’s emails and written a few more of your reports!



I miss you all terribly - even more so when I see the pictures and videos of your wonderful home learning. It looks like you all had a blast yesterday creating your own PE activities! 


Have a brilliant day 🧡


Daily Jobs

1. Complete your spelling sheet - Wednesday column. We are looking at words with the ‘r’ sound spelt with a ‘wr’ this week! Then put into practise what you have learnt by completing the sheet below. Read the sentence and choose the correct word to fill the gaps!


(We are no longer using Spell Zone so please do use the spelling sheet listed below and the spelling activities listed daily).


2. READ! A book, comic, recipe, eBook, audio book - anything!


3. Sign into Numbots or TT Rock Stars to practise your mental arithmetic!

Today I would like you to plan a newspaper report about your new hybrid insect that you invented yesterday! Look at the powerpoint first and then choose one of the plans to complete! Make sure you plan your report carefully because tomorrow your task will be to write the newspaper report!