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Good morning, Cherry Class!


A big well done for yesterday’s Sports Day. You all did really well.



PE with Joe Wicks:



This sheet has 6 words from your spellings, but they’ve been scrambled. See if you can unscramble the words.


Today, we’re recapping how to organise information into paragraphs.


Take a look at the video to see how to organise writing into paragraphs:

How to organise text into paragraphs

Still image for this video

Now have a go at organising the information on the sheet into two paragraphs – one paragraph about canines and another about incisors.


You can write or type your paragraphs. It’s entirely up to you.


As we’ve done both Spelling AND Grammar, today’s English is going to be shorter than usual.


Today, we’re looking at cast lists.


A cast list tells us what characters will be in a script and tells us about them, including:

  • Who they are;
  • Personality;
  • Age;
  • Appearance.


For example:

Shrek, an ogre, grumpy, kind, middle-aged, tall, green and stocky.

Fiona, a beautiful princess, red-haired, tall and aged between 20 and 25.

Lord Farquaad, an evil king; very short; long dark hair and aged between 30 and 40.


Have a go at writing sentences to describe each of the characters on this sheet in the style of a cast list:


Have a 20 minute break.



Today, we’re continuing our unit on shape.


Click the link:


Summer Term – Week 10 (w/c 29 June)


Lesson 2 – Recognise and describe 2D shapes.


Watch the video.


Next, open up this task sheet and have a go at answering the questions.


You can either print it out and write your answers on the sheet, or you can open it up and type your answers in the answer boxes.


If any of the questions are too tricky, you can skip them or come back to them later.


Have some lunch and have a break for an hour.



Take half an hour to do some reading.



Today, we’re looking at fire safety.


Take a look at this video:

Fire Hazards Part 1

Still image for this video

Now write down some ideas on what I can do to reduce the risk of a fire and make the kitchen safer.


Take a look at this video and see if any of your ideas came up:

Fire Hazards Part 2

Still image for this video

Now have a go at creating a poster, presentation or video about how to keep your home safe from fire.



Another great day of learning! Well done, everybody!


Miss Hodder