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Reading Target 6.91 I have secure understanding of almost all appropriate material I read, using inference as a tool to underpin meaning.


Maths 6.23.10 I can solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and combinations of operations in multi-step problems, including decimal numbers and fractions in a range of contexts and applied to all areas of maths e.g. combining 4 operations and decimals whilst solving problems with measure.


Writing 6.515 I can use characters’ actions, dialogue and appearance to fully develop my readers understanding of each character – showing contrast between them.

Writing 6.513 I can comment on and improve upon how authors have developed characters setting and plots, choosing specific elements for specific effects.


Class Teacher: Mr Brett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Suranyi


Important Things to Remember:


Monday new spellings are given out

Tuesdays and Wednesday are our PE days

Friday is also our spelling test and also the day homework will be set