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Term 6 - Urban Pioneers

Hop on the bus and take a trip downtown, where the lights are bright and every street has a story to tell.

Explore with fresh eyes the art of the city, then capture a moment in time.
You’re an urban pioneer… so get ready to go!

Our topic next term is Urban Pioneers. We shall be discovering the big city landscapes, the history of Graffiti and explore a different style of writing.


We will be going on an exciting trip to Rochester Castle and the Guildhall museum to lean all about how our local area has developed over time and to learn more about the human and physical features of geography.


We are also exploring a very different kind of art.. urban street art. To do this best we have invited a professional graffiti artist in to school for a day. The children will be creating their own piece of art on their individual board and a bigger piece that will be displayed in school.


We can't wait for all this fun events!




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Graffiti Day

Graffiti Day 1
Graffiti Day 2
Graffiti Day 3
Graffiti Day 4