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Adverse Weather Conditions/School Closure Information

Snow and Ice


In the event of severe weather conditions we have to consider key issues to make judgements about school closure. Closing the school is the very last option for us.  We know that for working parents when the school has to close this presents problems with regard to childcare, so the decision will not be taken lightly. 

We have to weigh up many different risks regarding travelling to school, site safety and pupil supervision on site.  Maintaining the level of learning is extremely important, but we have to balance that against the risks to our pupils and staff.

We will monitor local weather reports and liaise with our staff members in outlying areas to assess the travel conditions that might be affecting those who come to school by car and bus.


We will assess if we have sufficient numbers of staff on site to allow us to effectively supervise over 400 pupils.  


To keep you informed:

  • We will send a message via the app to all parents and staff if we are unable to open and will do this as soon as we can make a reasonable assessment of the conditions. 
  • We update the website banner and Facebook if we are unable to open.
  • If the school remains open during bad weather, as a parent you can make the decision about whether or not you feel it is safe for your child to travel to school.  If you feel it is unsafe for you to travel to school from where you live, please keep your child at home.  If your children’s absence is specifically due to travel problems caused by the bad weather we can record this absence appropriately.

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