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Year 3 English week 3 day 2

Sais Synonyms work sheet

Year 3 Chapter 7 of Survivor


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Guided Reading:

GR/L.I: To infer characters thoughts and feelings. 

I understand the thoughts and feelings of the character using inference. 

I can relate to the story through my own experiences. 


Today we are going to read the first tale called ‘King March’s Ears’This is a traditional tale from Wales.  After you have finished reading, answer the questions below in full sentences. 


1.What is king March like at the beginning of the story (shy, outgoing)? 

2.Why does the king choose to share his secret with Bifan? 

3.Have you ever kept a secret? How did you feel? 

4.Why is King March surprised at the end of the story? 

5.Why do you think this traditional tale has been told for many centuries? 

6.What do you think the lesson is here?

Optional: Draw a picture of king March.  What will your King March look like? 


LI: To identify colours in Spanish
I can say the names of colours in Spanish
I can write the colours in Spanish


Today you are going to be learning about Spanish colours:

First, have a listen to this link -


Catchy isn’t it. You may want to have a listen to this one too…

 (this one has a lot more full sentences about the colours, so make sure you look at the English subtitles 😊 )


Here is a list of the colours for you:

TASK: We would like you to create a game or activity sheet that other people could use to help them to remember the colours. This could be something like a colour by numbers, a pairs style game or a memory task. You may even have a fantastic idea of your own.  Remember to send us a photograph of your creation – maybe you could test someone at home with it!



Don't worry if you struggle with your colours. We will revisit it next week so keep the game/activity handy.


Year 3 spelling word search



Please follow the link to find today's Assembly.

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