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Hello Year 3

Final day of D.E.A.R. week, and (hopefully), the last day of home learning, for all of you that have spent the last few months at home!! First, myself (Miss Giocondi), Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Balestrini, Mrs Curtis and Miss Hunter cannot wait to welcome you all back to school on Monday. We are really looking forward to catching up with you all and seeing all your lovely faces!! smiley...I bet so many of you have grown loads too!! If you are feeling a little bit nervous, that is normal. It will almost feel like the first day back after the Summer holidays, and remember however you are feeling, we are all here for you. Come and see us, and let us know any concerns you have. Have a wonderful weekend, a big rest and an early night on Sunday, and we will see you all bright and breezy on Monday morning! laugh


Your Reading Week Friday task! Recommend a book for a friend! See you soon xx



Spellings Year 3, group 1

Spellings Year 3, group 2

Spellings year 3, group 3

Guided Reading

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So like last week it's BIG MATHS time! Remember adults...go and make yourself a cuppa, as the children do complete these independently


You will see there are 2 different 'Stages'. Please select the stage that you feel is appropriate for your child.


Stage 2 is year 2 level and stage 3 is year 3 level.


There will be some questions on there that we haven't covered, but if they can give them a go, then go for it. The children can answer the questions in which ever order they like, and if they feel they don't know one, complete the ones they do know and are confident with, and come back to the others at the end, where they will be able to spend a bit more time on it!


If you have not got a printer - select a few questions for the children and display on the screen and get them to answer on a piece of paper- do not feel like you have to write out the question or feel like you need to replicate the sheet.


Like last week, get the children to write you a question at the end! ENJOY!

Friday English


Mus/L.I: To begin to understand the importance of pronouncing words in songs.


Steps to Success:

I can sing in tune.

I can pronounce the words accurately.

I can sing in French.


For our first music lesson we will be doing lots of singing in French and there is an opportunity to play a tuned instrument. I will be playing the piano using an app called GarageBand on the iPad. If you don't have Grageband, this website is great to use There are lots that you can find to download in the app store too.  I've attached some sheets that tell you where the notes are on the keyboard, and a copy of the music sheet.  Have FUN!


Once you have finished, answer the following questions:


Why has it been important to pronounce the words correctly in a song?


What have you learnt today?


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