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The Academy of Cuxton Schools

“Foundations for Life”


Spellings Group 1

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The last set of spellings for the term! Do your best as you always do!

Spellings Group 2

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Group 2’s spellings, do your best as always. Then feel very pleased that these are the last set of spellings for the term!

Guided Reading:


Yesterday we listened to Chapter 4 and you drew what you thought the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon looked like from the description.


Today we would like you to answer some questions based on what was read to you. You can either go back and watch the video, or you can have a read of the chapter yourself to remind you of the events etc. 


Answer in full sentences (and correct punctuation) :)



Continuing on from yesterday. You will need your plan from yesterday as today we are going to write up the introduction to our balanced argument. 


You can use the sheets provided to write on, or if you would much prefer to write on lined paper that is absolutely fine. You may even want to make notes of what you want to say and video your introduction. 


Next week we will finish off the debate. 

You only need to do the introduction today!


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Year 3 Maths Friday 16th July

There is no work sheet today, however there is an activity at the end of the video. It’s all about Capacity today, so have a watch, complete some of the questions as you go and have fun with the activity. Take pics or videos if you can, as we would love to see your work.



On Thursday I was looking at the BBC news app and came across this picture. I thought it was amazing and thought you guys might appreciate it.



This fantastic piece of artwork was created by a gentleman called ‘MurWalls’, who is an urban street artist. This piece of work, although is on a building wall, was commissioned, meaning it was made especially to order, so it not illegal artwork. The Mayor of London gave permission for this to be painted. 


What do you think? 


If you could create a piece of artwork to congratulate the football team or someone you know, what would it look like? What would you include?


Have a go at creating your own mural.


You can use plain paper or the wall template provided below. Enjoy 

Cuxton’s Got Talent:


The videos are now available for you to watch. It was really hard work to download as 1 video due to it being over 40 minutes long, so it have been divided into year groups. 


Follow the link to watch the videos.  


Cuxton’s Got Talent

Due to KS2 winning the ‘use less electricity’ competition in school, each class in Key Stage 2 has been awarded an extra 15 minutes play time.

So claim your prize and have an additional 15 minute break at some point today 😁

Well done guys!



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