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The Academy of Cuxton Schools

“Foundations for Life”


Due to wellness day tomorrow and the ‘snow day’ we had yesterday, today looks a little bit different to a normal Wednesday for us. Although we have no ‘wellbeing task’ we have set you a fun science experiment instead!!! We hope you enjoy it!

Guided Reading:

GR/LI: To understand the meaning of the text by answering comprehension questions.
I can read the text carefully.
I can answer questions using what I have learnt from the text.

Today we are going to be read a text called A day in Pompeii. Once you have read through the text, ask the questions carefully. You can go through the text again to help you answer the questions. Remember to look at the number of marks given, so that you know how much detail is required.

When you have finished, read through the answers and mark your own paper



Today in science you are going to complete an investigation.


Watch the powerpoint and then collect all the things you need for the investigation - toy car, a ramp (which could be a piece of wood, large book, folder or something else long), a range of materials you can use a surface for the ramp (such as a pillow case, rug/bath mat, towel, tin foil, paper, etc), a ruler, pens and paper and the worksheet.


Try this investigation a few times to make sure your results are accurate.

Year 3 Science Investigation

Video talking through investigation sheet

Still image for this video

PE - Warm up

Main activity

Cool down

Disney Music - Lava (Official Lyric Video from "Lava")

Have time and want to do something else?:

Using the video clip create something fun. This could be a storyboard of the song, a poster about it, mind map of the feelings or your own picture representation of the song. 

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