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Today we will be looking at colours.


The primary colours are RED BLUE YELLOW


See below





With the help of these colours we can make lots of different colours. 


See below








How many different colours can you make with the primary colours?


This activity will work best with paint.


But if you don’t have paint at home, you can use alternative items. 


You can use liquids (water or milk with food colouring)


Like the video below.



Or you can use this online tool to do your colour mixing. 

(Half way down the page is an interactive colour mixing tool.)


Our next section for our Art lesson is mixing the colours we found with white.


Watch the video below.



See how many colours you can get when you add white, and more white.


Repeat the process again for black.


Finding new colours is an endless activity.


See below.



This colour chart has approximately 740 different colours in it alone! 



You can use the colour wheel templates or plain paper to present the different colours you make.



Have fun and enjoy your colour mixing.