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Year 5 - Writing Week Lesson 1

Writing Week ideas for planning your setting and characters

So, as I said in the video, this week’s English is much more child led! You need to take ownership of it. After all, it would be amazing if you won the competition wouldn’t it?


Today, I would suggest mind mapping your ideas like I did - maybe in more detail than mine!


- Create a setting for where the door was found. 

- Create a place that is behind the door

- Decide on characters - Who is the main character? Who might be behind the door? (You might like to draw and label these rather than producing another mind map!)


Have fun with it!


Below is a video of my walk in the woods AND a story from Mrs P for some inspiration! :)

I went for a walk in the woods.. I wanted to find the magic door, think about the 5 senses while you watch the video - this will help your description.


What sounds would the leaves be making?

What about any wildlife?

Or even the mud under my feet? 



Year 5 - A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods with Miss Hodder

Mrs Pamphlett has found a beautiful story to share with you. Hopefully it inspires you for Writing Week. 

Take note of some of the fantastic vocabulary! You might want to write some of it down to add to your story later smiley

A Story with Mrs P

Mrs P has found you a story which might give you some inspiration for Writing Week

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