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Curriculum Overview

How We Created Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide a curriculum that develops skills relevant to 21st Century living, builds knowledge and provides rich, memorable experiences. Through our curriculum our children will become aware of their individual and collective responsibility and contribute positively to our school community, local community and society at large.


To implement this, the curriculum is driven through experiential and outdoor learning and memorable experiences. Links are made with other curriculum areas ensuring that all skills/objectives are covered during the year. We also provide and include:

  • educational visits, including residentials
  • forest school and outdoor learning
  • assemblies
  • charity fundraising events
  • visitors to school, such as for road safety
  • extra-curricular clubs
  • themed days/weeks


By doing all this, we aim for learners at Cuxton to be:

• resilient         • have a growth mindset           • effective contributors           • confident individuals

         • successful learners            • responsible citizens             • prepared for the next stage


The impact of our curriculum is:

  • Standards - All children make progress at least in line with national expectations from their starting point. Children are given the opportunity to work at greater depth in all key stages.
  • Independent/Resilient learners - Cuxton children are given the skills to know what to do when they are stuck in their learning. They know the best learning happens when they make mistakes.
  • Productive learners - Children understand the benefits of working productively, collectively and in harmony with each other and the wider community to achieve their own and share goals.

All aspects of our curriculum are accessible to all children, irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, disability, religious or linguistic background. We strive hard to meet the needs of those pupils with special educational needs, those with disabilities, those who are more able, those with special gifts and talents and the children who are learning English as an additional language. We provide a rich, challenging curriculum, which stretches all of our children. Staff are aware of children who have exceptional talents and gifts and monitor or track their progress carefully to ensure their academic potential or talent is continually developed. For further details see our separate policies in our Policies Page.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please contact Mr Bilton via the office email ( If your query is about a particular subject, please make this clear in your email as it may be the subject leader who is best placed to respond. Please also check out our growing bank of virtual parent workshops for more information about different subject areas (use the 'Parent Workshop' tab on the 'Curriculum' page)

In the document below are the experiences that we aim to offer to all children throughout their time at Cuxton. In keeping with our vision, we believe it is important to offer a range of memorable experiences as this makes learning more effective and also more fun!

Alongside these experiences, children will also be able to attend additional trips as they move through the school. For example: we regularly attend the Mini Youth Games sporting events; we run events for the school choir; there are road safety trips; and visits to religious places of worship, all of which are in addition to the experiences listed below.

Working in Partnership with The Primary First Trust 

The Primary First Trust has the following overarching educational concepts and all of the schools consider this when designing their own bespoke curriculum:





In doing so, our family of Primary First Schools nurture happy, confident and capable young people ready to play their full part in the world at large.