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Term 2- Splendid Skies

Autumn Term 2 - Splendid Skies


This term we are learning about the weather. What different weathers are there? How can we record the weather? Where has the daylight gone?

It’s time to explore… What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Only one way to find out – Let’s go outside!

What will we be learning about?

We will be starting off our topic with quick stroll around the school grounds. What does autumn look like? Can we feel it? We will be searching the school grounds for signs of autumn and collect some to look at in more detail in class.


Week 1 – Let's go fly a kite...🎵

We kick started this week by all made a kite. We followed step by step instructions to make it and were able help one another when we were stuck. We took their kites outside and ran around in search of the wind to send our kites soaring up into the atmosphere. Once we got going, we were able to see the tail on our kite flutter and flab in the wind. It started to rain but we were having too much fun that we didn't mind much! Before we went out we checked out the weather so we knew what additional clothing we needed to wear and decided a coat and wellies were probably a good idea to keep us warm and dry. We were all very keen to bring our kites home and share them with our families. We are looking forward to recounting our event so we can look back at it in the future.



Week 2 -

This week in RE we were talking specials gifts we receive or give and what makes them special. We discussed that special gifts are not always the big or expensive gifts we receive but are more so the gifts we treasure and are sentimental to us.


Week 3 -

During our PSHE lesson, we explored what bullying is. We discussed as a class that bullying is when someone is not very nice to another person on more than one occasion, purposefully hurting them and making them feel sad. We used role play to discuss scenarios in which bullying often takes place. During each scenario we discussed how the child being bullied might feel, what nice thing could have happened instead and how the child would feel now. The children understood that these scenarios weren’t very nice and could give a variety of nice things to do instead. We thought about the importance of doing these nice things if we were to ever see something similar happening and many of the children said they had already done these which was lovely to hear! We then watched a video and identified that Topsy and Tim told an adult about their concerns. The children knew that this was the right thing to do!  We started thinking about who we would tell if we were worried about bullying. We then created our ‘helping hands’ which are unique to each of us. On our hands we wrote 5 people who we could talk to and this made us feel safe!'



Week 5 - SCIENCE DAY -

During our science afternoon we carried out the investigation ‘How Big is a Raindrop?’ We applied our previous knowledge to help us make our predictions. We then worked scientifically to carry out the investigation. We went outside and gathered our data by collecting a sample of raindrops. Once we had come back inside and manipulated our data, we recorded our findings. We enjoyed finding out if our predictions were right or not and discussed why this might have been. To finish we wrote up our conclusion. 






Week 6 -  

Year 1 have been busy thinking about Christmas and the expected arrival of a very special, jolly man on Christmas Eve. We talked about how we communicate with people and whilst some of us have spoken to Santa, there just don’t enough time in the world for us all to phone him. We decided a letter would be a better way to communicate with him as he can look back at it if he forgets anything.

We have discussed what we would write in our letter to Santa, planned it, edited it and finally written it out neat (so he can read it easily). Once we were happy with our letters, we then put them in an envelope to send to the big man himself.