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Term 2- Splendid Skies

Wednesday 14th November 2018


Today we put on our coat and welly boots and headed outside again, This time we had an important question we wanted to find the answer to - 'Where does the wind go?'

To answer this question, we filled some balloons with helium and attached a little label to them with our school number on it in the hope that they would fly away and be found.

Keep checking to see if we get any updates.



15.11.18  An email was sent to the school office today regarding another balloon siting... A balloon was found in Hamburg!!! How amazing is that?!


ALSO... A few moments after our Hamburg email, another email was received... all the way from Verona - The home to Romeo and Juliet! The lady who emailed in is going to send us some pictures of Romeo and Juliet's balcony!  AHHHHH! we can hardly contain our excitement!

14.11.18 5.25pm - Balloon number 20 was found in Colchester by a very kind man who phoned up to let us know -  only 7 hours after launch- THANK YOU!



Friday 9th November 2018

Today we wrote about our walk we completed on Wednesday. We used different time adverbials in our writing to engage our read. Here are some examples of our work.


Wednesday 7th November 2018


Today we went for an 'Autumn Walk' on our school grounds. We had to put our coats and welly boots on and look for signs of autumn. Once we found all the signs we could, we then had 5 minutes of fun, throwing leaves in the air! It was a great day - We even threw some leaves at Mrs Mulholland and Mrs Marrs! :)

Image result for autumn leaves

Autumn Term 2 - Splendid Skies


This term we are learning about the weather. What different weathers are there? How can we record the weather? Where has the daylight gone?


It’s time to explore… What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Only one way to find out – Let’s go outside!

What will we be learning about?

We will be starting off our topic with quick stroll around the school grounds. What does autumn look like? Can we feel it? We will be searching the school grounds for signs of autumn and collect some to look at in more detail in class.