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Early Years Foundation Stage




Our emphasis is on an education taught through a curriculum based on learning through play, as well as being creative and imaginative.  We encourage a love of books and reading by sharing books and stories together.  We have fun with letters, numbers, patterns and shapes.




Childhood is a very special time.

The foundations laid in the early years are the foundations of life.

A child needs a happy and secure environment in which to learn.

We need to foster in the children a sense of awe and wonder.

Children need to be introduced to a wide variety of experiences to make sense of their world.

Play is child's work - through play they learn about their world.

Even our youngest children need to ask questions, seek answers and to draw their own conclusions.

All pupils need to be encouraged to express themselves creatively through language, art, movement and music.

All activities should encourage a child to think for themselves and make sense of what happens.







The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is founded on the belief that play is a child's work.  These years present opportunities for child-centred learning that are carefully planned to suit the children's differing stages of development.



The EYFS has seven Learning and Development Areas, split into the following Prime Areas:


Communication and Language - Listening & Attention, Understanding, Speaking

Physical Development - Moving & Handling, Health & Self Care

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Making Relationships, Self Confidence & Self Awareness, Managing Feelings & Behaviour



There are also four Specific Areas, through which the Prime Areas are strengthened and applied.  These are:


Literacy - Reading, Writing

Mathematics - Numbers, Shape Space & Measures

Understanding the World - People & Communities, The World, Technology

Expressive Arts and Design - Exploring & Using Media & Materials, Being Imaginative



All areas of learning are linked, and none of them are delivered in isolation.  Wherever possible staff plan activities together.  We have topic themes which are used as a guide for planning, and we also plan activities around the children's own interests as they arise.







We strongly believe that it is important to keep everyone informed about the child as an individual and as a member of our school.


Home and school are the most important things in a child's life, and we feel that it is very important for us to work together.  Newsletters are sent out regularly, and notice boards in and around school are used to display various messages.


Under government rulings we are obliged to have a home/school agreement, which parents are asked to sign shortly before their child starts school.


We also ask that you read our school Behaviour policy to ensure we are all working together, and that your child understands our school rules and consequences for inappropriate behaviour; also the rewards to positive behaviour and hard work.  We have a Wow Wall in each classroom where a child's name is displayed when they have achieved something special.  We also hold a certificate assembly which children in the Foundation Stage attend later in the year.  At this assembly certificates are awarded to children who have worked hard or have been a good friend or school citizen.  Certificates are also awarded to the class with the best weekly attendance.