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The government has produced guidelines as to how much home learning is recommended for Reception aged children. The guidelines show that schools should be providing approximately 2hours of home learning and we recommend an hour of play-based learning each day (Where you play with the children and help them learn through their interests). Here is an example timetable of how you could spread the time out throughout the day...


9-9.25- Phonics

9.25-9.40- Handwriting or P.E games/story time

9.40-10.00- BREAK

10.00- 10.25- Topic 

10.25-10.40- Snack 

10.40-11.40- Play-Based learning

11.-40-12.40- Lunchtime 

1.00-1.25- Maths 

1.25-1.40-Storytime/handwriting or PE


We completely understand that every family is different and some families have other commitments such as other children and work. You are all doing an amazing job and we are bowled over by the quality and quantity of home learning we are getting through despite all the individual difficulties we all face. You are doing your children proud!!

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