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Our aim is to ensure the children use the spellings they have learnt, in their everyday writing, confidently. Children are tested weekly on 5-10 spellings which focus on a particular alternative spelling/suffix/prefix or phonics sound. Please check the top of your child's spelling sheet to find out what group they are in for that week - groups may change regularly depending on the children's needs.

Common Exception Words:

These word lists demonstrate the spellings that children are expected to be able to read, spell and use in their writing by the end of Years 1 and 2.

The Year 2 common exception words will be in spelling lists throughout the year but here's a handy list for you to have at home.

Image result for year two common exception words

Image result for spelling waspSpelling Wasp

 This is a competition to see who can spell the most words from the Year 2 spelling list.


You'll be able to find the results of the spelling wasp here on this page.