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Year 3 English - Gathering information for a poster

Maths - T4 W1 L2 - Draw Pictograms

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Another True or False question to try!

Guided Reading - Poems


PSHE/ LI: To understand the variety of jobs in the world of work.  

I can define what a job is.  

I can name a range of jobs.  

I can sort a range of jobs into sectors and define what a sector is.  


Children to think and discuss what jobs they can think of.  

Children are then to sort a range of jobs into groups based on their similarities and differences (document of all of these is below). Allow children to explore grouping these before giving them the sectors which they have to match up to the group of jobs that they have just sorted.  

Can they discuss what a sector is?  


Encourage children to think about the following questions: 

  • ‘can people have more than one job at a time?’
  • ‘do these have to be in the same sector?’  



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