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                                                                                Happy Snow Day Guys!




Unfortunately our school has been closed for all today due to the snow... however, we hope you are able to have some fun in the white stuff today!! We would love to see your photos and videos!!

Maybe you could..

1. Have a snowball showdown with your family!

2. Build snow castles

3.Make snow people or snow monsters!!

4. Play snow and seek in your garden... follow the tracks to find each other!

5. Make a snowy obstacle course!


We know many of you will be keen to carry on with the home learning but we want to make sure you also make time for some fun today too, so only do as much as you can.


We hope you have a great snowy day!


Two more get ups!

Challenge Tuesday - Find the most interesting place to read!

We look forward to seeing all the photos!

Today is safer internet day, at 11:00am the BBC have a live lesson to help children stay safe on line.  There is a link to the live lesson in the computing folder.