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Year 3 English Week 3 Lesson 4

Year 3 Chapter 9 of Survivor


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Guided Reading:

GR/L.I: To predict what happens next in the story. 

I can use information from the text to predict what will happen next 

I understand the language the author has used and why. 


Today we are going to be looking at traditional tale from Scotland called ‘The Seal in the wind’. Read the story carefully and then answer the questions using full sentences. 

1. What do you think has happened to Mairi at the end of the story? 

2. How do you think Lachlan felt after the seal saved him? 

3. Which word does the author use to describe Mairi’s eyes? Why does the author use this word at the end? 

4. Can you think of another story that has a similar theme? 

Optional: Imagine you are Mairi.  Describe your life on land to one of your selkie family members. How do you feel about returning to the sea forever? 


H/LI: To use the internet to research historical facts.


I can use pictures and photographs to explain historical events

I can use images of a historical site, to describe what has happened

I can interpret stories that I have heard, to extract to historical significance.


Today, you are going to be using the facts you learnt last week or research new facts to produce an informative PowerPoint. Now I know you are absolutely fantastic at completing these PowerPoints, so make sure you put everything in it that you have learnt.


Make sure you put in accurate, interesting facts. Some amazing pictures, and use your artistic flair to show off your computing skills.


Now, if you don’t have access to a computer, don’t worry! You are going to produce a colourful, information loaded poster, showing the events of 79AD.


I cannot wait to see your work! You guys are amazing!


History PowerPoint

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