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Reading Week:


You have been working so hard! Keep up the fantastic learning! Check out today's fun learning:




Today we are going to continue with our joins.  Watch the video below.  Remember to use a sharp pencil.


Read your reading book with an adult or sibling. Adult to ask you questions about what you have read - - Oxford Owl have lots of free reading books that you can download and read! Don’t forget to check out Rising Stars!


Reading Week – Create a reading spot. This could be as creative as building a reading den to read in, or as simple as labelling one chair in the house as the reading chair so that anyone who sits in it, have to read.


Phonics - 15 minutes

Phonicsplay login – Username – jan21          Password - home


Mrs Emslie and Mrs Houghton’s group:

Start by re-capping all the phase 5 sound we have learnt (phase 5a):

Flashcards Time Challenge (

Re-cap your high frequency and tricky words using the tricky word trucks.

Tricky Word Trucks (

Now have a go at the following game:

Phonics Frog (Phase 5) - Online Phonics Game (

Play the dinosaur stomp game below.

Mrs Lenotti’s group:

Before we start, let’s practise all of our sounds -  (Phase 3/4)

When you come back to school, we are going to do a small assessment to see if we are ready to move to phase 5! So, this week I thought we’d have a little practise of everything you already know including tricky words and alien words. Today, I would like you to practise your reading. I have given you some short stories to read and you need to answer the questions correctly.


Mrs Hutcheon’s group:

Before we start, let’s practise all of our sounds -  (Phase 5) Write down the score you get and see if you can beat it tomorrow! If you cannot access phonicsplay, test yourself on the sound mat!


We have been looking at the alternative pronunciation of c. If you need to recap yesterday’s learning, then re-watch the video -


Print/write the words from the worksheet on separate pieces of paper and get your adult/sibling to hide all of the words around your home (close your eyes – no peaking). Your job is to find all of the hidden words and sort them into the two categories; the short pronunciation (cat) and the long pronunciation (ice).


Challenge – Choose some of the words, that you sorted and write a sentence. How many alternative ‘c’ words can you use in one sentence?


Miss Powell’s group:

Before we start, let’s practise all of our sounds -  (Phase 2 & 3) Write down the score you get and see if you can beat it tomorrow! If you cannot access phonicsplay, test yourself on the sound mat!


In Phonics, today, we are going to be learning about the ‘sh’ grapheme. Make a list of all the ‘sh’ words you know! Can you add to yesterday’s list? Practice reading some ‘sh’ flashcards with Geraldine the Giraffe -


I would like you to have a go at writing ‘sh’. Have a go at writing it in a range of different ways. You could use shaving foam, pasta, chalk, paint, whiteboard, Lego etc. How many different ways can you write ‘sh’?


Have a look at the worksheet. I would like you to look at the 'Roll and Read’ mat. Only roll the dice 5 times and write and draw those words. If you get the same word twice, then either roll again or come up with a different sh word that is not on the mat.


English - 1 hour

Today we are going to be finding out more about dinosaurs. 

Watch the video below.

You will need:

  • The worksheet or a plain piece of paper.
  • A sharp pencil.
  • The sound mat you use in phonics

I have also uploaded the PowerPoint in case you need it to complete the activity.

Break - Grab a healthy snack and a drink and have a break. Could you go outside to get some fresh air?

Maths - 1 hour

Number Bonds -


Starter – Counting to 100 Song -


This week, we are learning about measuring ‘Weight and Mass’. Today we are going to be focusing on measuring and investigating different weights. We are going to be creating our own scales, so make sure you have the following items to hand – a coat hanger, some string/wool and two plastic/paper cups (or buckets). Go through the Maths Video and complete the worksheet. Have fun measuring!


Don’t forget about Numbots! -


Lunch – What’s for lunch, today?

Computing - 45 minutes

This week, in Computing, we are going to be looking at and scanning QR codes. You can download a QR scanner (there are lots of free apps in the app store). or use the camera on your phone.


Watch the video and complete the task. You can either print the QR codes or display them on your screen, ready to scan. Each QR code will take you to an augmented reality. Can you identify all of the dinosaurs?


I made a reading den! Hollie then decided to stand on the roof.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

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