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“Foundations for Life”


Year 3, English week 4, Day 2

Chapter 11 of Survivor: Escape from Pompeii

Year 3 scaling

LI: To solve problems involving scaling.
I can read and understand the problem shared with me.
I can use a bar model to help me understand the question.
I can use multiplication and division facts to help solve the problem.

Explanation on how to answer question 8 as told by the children in class

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Guided Reading:

GR/L.I: To identify adjectives and use them appropriately in writing.

I can identify adjectives in the text.

I can use these effectively in my writing


Read the next chapter (Elvis Presley). 


Use the worksheet to help you identify the adjectives in the text and then write a paragraph about your own favourite musician on a separate sheet. 

Remember, an adjective is a word that describes a noun (the name of a thing or a place).



Listen to ‘Jailhouse Rock’ by Elvis Presley -


What did you think?


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Pick an activity to complete, or complete them all if you want to. You can do the others during the week if you fancy coming back to them.

Word-searches - (Spelling group documents are for those who were emailed spellings, everyone else just ‘Spellings’)


LI: To pronounce colours in Spanish

I can recognise and repeat colour words accurately.

I can listen to and repeat Spanish words for colours carefully.

I can match the correct word to the correct colour.


If you have your game form last week to hand - test yourself. Can you remember the colours? Today we are going to revise and go over the colours in Spanish.


Flick through the PowerPoint and listen to the pronunciation of the colours.



If you can listen to the PowerPoint, listen to each question read out to you and colour in the splats.


If you cannot listen to the video, read the colours and colour in the splat the correct colour. Can you work out the missing colours? Use the word bank at the bottom to help you.

Spanish powerpoint as a video

Please use this video if the PowerPoint isn’t working. If you would like to use the powerpoint, i found clicking ok and then waiting a while worked. If not, this video is a screen recording of the powerpoint. Sorry if the Powerpoint doesn’t open for you.

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