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Hello year 3!

Day 2 of Reading week, and you are to create a READING SPOT! Now we know how well you did on one of the Wellbeing Wednesday tasks where you built your own reading den, so you could do something similar or make it completely different! We can't wait to see your pictures!


LI: To ask effective questions.
I know what an open and closed question is.
I can create a range of questions.
I know which questions I want to ask and why.
I can correctly punctuate my questions.



Question or command.

Add in the correct punctuation mark and highlight the sentences that are a question.









Children to come up with a range of questions we can ask The Exotic Explorers tomorrow in our Zoom Experience. They can present work using a mind map, subheadings, or sections. Whichever they feel is clearest for them to present their questions and be able to reread them tomorrow.

Challenge - Highlight questions that are open questions in one colour and closed in another. 

Year 3 questions

English - Starter and main task template (Children do not have to use the templates if they do not want to. They can hand write/draw.)

Guided Reading

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Maths - W2, T4, L2

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