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Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely half-term break!

I have split today's English into sections so you will see multiple videos. Please check as you will need some of the worksheets as we work through the videos so that we can complete them together. Have a lovely day!


The PowerPoint will be used in the video - you might choose to use it for some extra clarity later. Use the worksheet and work along with me in the video.  

22nd Feb - Year 5 - English Starter


You will need the sheets below during the teaching video - We can work through them together. 

You do not need the PowerPoint, although you might like it for later for some extra clarity.


22nd Feb - Year 5 - English Main Teaching

Chapter 2 - Listen again if you need to

Main Task:

This is your main activity. You need to choose only 1 activity - Bronze, Silver or Gold 

Think about which one would suit your learning the best. Which one would your teacher give you?