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Year 3 Writing Week day 4


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LI: To combine amounts.
I can count in £s and Pence.
I can combine coins in a logical order to find a total.
I can use a preferred method of addition to find the total (mental or formal) and reason my choice.

Guided Reading:


LI: To use similes for description.

I know what a simile is and why they are used to describe something.

I can identify a simile.

I can describe an object using similes.


What is a simile?


  • A simile describes something by comparing it to something different.


Why use similes in your writing?

  • Similes are a great tool to use when describing something because they make you imagine what the writer is seeing, hearing or feeling. They make the reader feel as though they are there!


An example of a simile is:  ‘my dad is as brave as a lion!’ Because lions are known as very brave animals, this tells the reader that the dad is very brave too! The reader is able to imagine just how brave the dad is through the use of a simile.


You can easily spot a simile in a text because they say: something is as…… something else or something is……like something else. They use the words as and like to compare something to something else.


Some other examples of similes are:

  • Mrs Mulholland is as cool as a cucumber.
  • Mrs Balestrini and Miss Giocondi are as wise as owls.
  • Paper is white like snow.
  • The night is dark like coal.


Just like roses are used as a symbol of love in England on Valentines day, Chinese culture sees willow trees as important when celebrating Chinese New Year. This is because the willow tree represents growth and each new year we all grow and develop in many different ways.


Your task today is to go outside (if possible) and watch how the trees move and listen to the sounds that they make. Draw a picture of a willow tree and add similes that describe a willow tree onto its branches. Think about what it looks like, sounds like, feels like and how it moves. I have included an example to help you.


I know yours is going to be much better than mine! I can’t wait to see them all!


Stay safe and well! Bye!


L.I: To understand that the sense of occasion affects the performance M3/D2 

 I can listen and sing to a piece of Chinese New Year music.

I can perform a piece of music for Chinese New Year


Today we are to be looking at using a xylophone to help perform a piece of music.  You can download one from the android Play store, iTunes or use google creatability.  The one I’m using is ‘Xylophone’ by Easy Labs.


Don’t forget to send in your videos!!!

Chinese New Year Music Lesson year 3

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