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Summer Term 1 Raiders and Traders!

Raiders and Traders!


Around a thousand years ago, when England was ruled by the Anglo-Saxons, a mighty and ferocious force were threatening the relatively tranquil life of the native country folk and town dwellers.

The Vikings were coming from Scandinavia!  When their terrifying looking longboats appeared on the horizon, trouble was surely ahead.  Find out about the infamous raid on Lindisfarne,  how the Vikings worshipped Norse Gods and even had their own writing scheme called runes. We can also start to appreciate the fascinating concept of trading by which the Vikings made their fortune. We will ask; Were Vikings just  bloodthirsty warriors or were they in fact  a bit more sophisticated than that?


As the weather begins to brighten, Term 5 will also see us explore the local landscape. By mapping the hills and slopes we can design and produce a topological representation of the land.  The Cuxton countryside may not have changed too much since the days of those thunderous Viking raiders!





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