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Hello! I hope you are having a lovely day so far!


We have decided to let you off with writing this afternoon and give you something a bit more practical!


We have been set a bit of a challenge. Chinese New Year is approaching, so to celebrate, Miss Powell would like us to complete some Art work for a display in the corridor. It is The Year of the Ox, so she would like us to create a piece of art with an OX.



For Art this term, our focus is to use clay to create texture, feeling, expression or movement. I would really love you to create a 3D model of an Ox. This could be an Ox’s face or its whole body. However, I do appreciate that this might be more challenging from home! So I have included some ideas of other materials that you could use to create a 3D Ox, but also a second option that might suit your Art from home better. smiley


Here are some ideas of what you could use:

- Go outside and use resources from the outdoors to create your Ox - this could be building using stones or sticks, or creating a 2D picture outdoors using any materials you can find.

- You could build using LEGO or something similar

- If you or a sibling play-doh or putty, this might be a good resource to use! Similar techniques would be used!

- If you and whoever is at home are feeling super adventurous and you already have the ingredients at home, you could even use salt dough!


If you can't make something like above, you can create a picture of an Ox in pop art style, similar to below. Try and make it as colourful as you can! 


Art 22/01/21 - Year 5

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