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Term 3- Moon Zoom

  Moon Zoom!

This half term, we’ll travel through space to learn about the Solar System.


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There’s so much to learn about space! Why not stay up late and look at the stars? A stargazing app could help you identify well-known constellations. You could also visit the local library and find some exciting space stories and information books to share. Alternatively, create extraordinary aliens using modelling clay or a drawing app.




Week 1 -

This week (our first week back after Christmas), we have already learnt so much!

We have explored the planets in our solar system and learnt a funny mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets:

M - My

V- Very

E - Excited

M - Mum

J - Just

S- Served

U - Us

N - Noodles



Also in computing this week, we logged onto Numbots and completed a number of levelled challenges. We all enjoyed it so much that we have asked if we can play it in every computing session. Mrs Mulholland said she will try and squeeze it in when she can (fingers crossed).


Week 2 -

 In maths this week we have been learning to tell the time. We know that when the minute hand (long hand) is on the 12 this is an o'clock time and when it is on the 6 (half way around) this is a half past time. We also know that the little hand points to the hour. We have enjoyed playing games online and looking at the real clock in the classroom to tell when it is play time or lunch time. Here is the link to the game we have been playing. We have been trying to knock people off the leader board!!