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Year 3 how many ways..

LI: To explore combinations.
I can read and understand the problem.
I can work systematically to solve the problem.
I can use multiplication and division facts to help answer

- Year 3 maths explanation

Guided Reading:

:GR/LI: To identify how language, structure  and presentation contribute to meaning

I can identify the different features of the chapters.

I understand why the chapters has been presented this way.


Today we are going to Read chapter 3 and 4 (Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix). While you are reading both chapters, think about the layout and how they have been presented.



Use chapter 4 and label the different features that you can identify. 


Listen to ‘All Along The Watchtower’ by Jimin Hendrix

What did you think?

Year 3 PE 27.1.21

Year 3 Wellbeing Wednesday 27.1.21