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“Foundations for Life”



Today, before you do your main PE activity, have a little look at the PowerPoint to find out a little bit more about healthy lifestyles and which foods are best to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Thinking about what you have learnt, what would be a good lunch to fuel your body for exercise?


Now that we've done the thinking part, lets do some exercise!!

Get yourself a dice or if you haven't got one, a random number generator will do the job (you will need to input the numbers 1 to 6)

Randomly choose your numbers and do the exercise to go with the number...


1. 10 star jumps making sure that you clap as you lift your arms

2. 5 teddy bear rolls

3. Running on the spot for 2 minutes

4. 10 lunges on each leg

5. Sit ups for 2 minutes - how many can you do?

6. Anything random of your choice!

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