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Spelling Test - Group 1

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This test is based on the spellings on the class web page for this week! Good Luck!

Spelling Test - Group 2

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If your spelling list was emailed to you separately, these are the ones for you! Good luck!

Spelling Test - Group 3

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If you decided to learn half of the spellings from group 1 and half of the spellings from group 2, this is the test for you! Good Luck!

Year 3 English Week 3 Lesson 5

Year 3 Chapter 10 of Survivor


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Guided Reading:

GR/L.I: To increase familiarity with a wide range of books and retell them. 

I can read a variety of tales and retell them verbally. 

I can infer the characters thoughts and feelings using information from the text 


Today we are off to Ireland to learn a new tale called ‘The Tale of Finn McCool’.  You might recognise this tale from the book we read last week.  Remember to complete the quiz at the end when you’re finished. 

1.What do we know about Finn McCool from the tale? 

2.What was the problem in the story? 

3.Why might Finn McCool have regretted building the causeway? 

4.Why is Oonagh important in ‘The Tale of Finn McCool’? 

Nowadays, scientific knowledge can be used to explain natural phenomena, but this was not the case in the past, so these phenomena often gave rise to traditional tales. 


Optional: Find out more about the Giant’s Causeway by looking on the internet.  Can you tell another story to explain why it might have happened? 


L.I: To draw both positive and negative spaces.
I can draw a volcano and focus on positive space.
I can draw a volcano and focus on the negative space.

Art positive and negative space

Today we are going to be drawing a volcano. You will need some colouring pencils or felt tip pens, and you might even want to explore using black paper and paint too. Have fun and remember to send us a photo of your artwork!



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